It’s common knowledge that food has got a twofold function: a main function to unite groups of people belonging to different cultures and different life styles and a second one not less important that is to distinguish them for age, sex, religion.

All that has been proved by the statistical studies carried out by researches for the last decades in order to investigate how people eating habits have changed due to changes in the economical “tissue” of Italy ( “boom” recovery ) but also of other countries that took place in  different times.In the last decades Italian society has undergone to substantial changes and people’s extra domestic food consumptions have become a more and more important item on the total of a family food consumptions budget.

According to the latest ISMEA- AcNIELSEN surveys which made use of Telepanel methodology which consists in given a family a computer  for domestic use where were reported the answers on the food consumptions outside the home.The representative sample of 2000 Italian family of individuals aged 14 years and up confirmed the habits in eating out of Italians.

The monitoring of the sample has shown that the increasing trends of Italians that ate out  in the years 2004-2005 seems to be consolidated during the year 2006. It shows and increasing of the percentage of people that choose a pizzeria for their functional /convivial meal where for functional it is meant a break for lunch at work or study whereas for convivial  meal it is meant a meal outside work or study.

In order to have an overall view of the phenomenon “pizza” in Italy  we have carried out a sociological survey making use of two  questionnaires to investigate on  peoples’ pizza habits and to find out if a possible slang  around the word pizza was born. Two samples of investigation have been found. We have chosen to submit the questionnaires to students and teachers because they both represent the young and the adult. This has been done also by the participating countries to see if there are any similarities or differences. As for the Italian surveys we have also involved other schools that have agreed to submit the questionnaires at school.As for the results  of the surveys on peoples’ rites it emerged that young people

  1. love pizza because it is tasty and affordable,
  2.  prefer to go to a pizzeria with friends and  after pizza they usually go to  some other place , disco or pub.
  3. when they choose a pizzeria all the factors are important and going to a pizzeria is a Saturdays’ rite.
  4. they like to eat pizza on the place and spend around 10 euros for pizza and drinks.
  5. If they have a taste for pizza but friends don’t go with them both Italian and Hungarian students say that they go for a take -way pizza while in Bulgaria they don’t do it.
  6. they prefer all kinds of pizzas in Italy but in the other countries they choose the most known ones of Italian pizzas, margherita, capricciosa, four cheeses, four seasons, calzone, and the ones that are made with the typical countries’ toppings (paprika,, salami, cheese, spice, fruit ; a  favourite in Hungary and Portugal is Hawaiian pizza).
  7. Pizza snack is a favourite with Italian young people that can have it everywhere at any time and when they travel.
As far as the adult  concern there is not a big difference since
  1. they like pizza because it is affordable and tasty
  2. going to pizzeria on week-ends in snot linked to any rite
  3. they stick to the more classical pizzas
  4. they take into consideration all the factors when choosing a pizzeria
  5. they don’t dislike to go with family  
  6. they order pizza when they have a taste for or when they don’t feel like cooking, except for Bulgaria where they made it at home.
  7. they usually spend a little more than the young and like to eat pizza on the spot or at home.
  8. adult choose pizza especially travelling while there is not a habit of having pizza snack.
It has been shown through the surveys that there is a more “globalized way” among the young than among adults to approach  international food and this is due also to the fact that people like to taste everything that can have abroad  during their travelling or at home just round the corner.As for the slang results it hasn’t been found anything since Italian pizza is not a tradition in their countries. We have found some slang expressions in Italy through our questionnaire  and in the USA with our web search to prove that pizza is a cult in both countries.

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