Our school, IPSIA “E. Aletti “  Trebisacce (CS), Italy, is carrying out an etywinning project on pizza with some European vocational schools and that are: Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary.

The theme leads to a wide social-economical and cultural investigation, a very interesting one, aimed at highlighting their differences and similarities.

Pizza is more and more a popular food although it is prepared differently from country to country with a great variety of toppings: fresh or frozen there is always a place and a time to enjoy a piece of pizza.

Pizza has become a real business all over the world bringing overseas the best of “made in
Italy” . Pizzerias (pizza places) are mushrooming everywhere and this food has brought about a flourishing market involving both the social and economic field: festivals, torneos, competitions, pizzerias / pizzamen associations , magazines are found in Italy and worldwide.

The project consists of two parts:

In the first part we will outline: a) the changing of people’s food habits and tastes for the last fifty years; b)the mechanisms through which “pizza” has become a transnational food (immigration, tourism);c) the different types of pizza and its nutritional values; d) places, rites and slang related to pizza/pizzeria.

In the second part we will plan a pizzeria in order to develop in students the business mind. It will be studied : a) how to start a pizzeria; b) the bureaucratic process ;c) to apply in a simulation both the marketing conditions and the management practicality (from theory to practice);d) a visit in a pizzeria and an interview to the owner on how to start and keep a “successful pizzeria”.

BarnaSipkaySecondary School of Commerce, Catering and Tourism, Hungary 

Agrupamento de Escolas de S. Bernardo, Portugal    

 Vocational school for Trade and Catering,

Ipsia E.Aletti, Trebisacce, Italy